What is Happily Better After? 

There is no one answer. It applies differently for everyone, as our experiences are vastly different.

Happily Better After (HBA) is a network comprised of men and women on a journey to conquer the most challenging aspects of their daily lives. They embody courage, strength, and the will to help others do the same. Participants of this network represent various stages of healing within their individual journey; progress is the commonality that connects us! 

"For myself, the significance changes from day to day, as I give thought to my life amd experiences. Fueled by life's many hurts/disappointments AND the self-inflicted pressure to meet the expectations of who others perceived me to be, 'the cool', I realized the time, energy, and resources that were wasting away.

One consistent explanation of the H.B.A. "what" is the knowing that there is always an opportunity to CREATE progress and REFLECT ON progress made (as a way to keep going), should you make the decision to do so. My expression of creativity is forever impacted by the will to always be progressing, learning, and incorporating the things and people to which I am connected and inspired by. I am truly better and getting better with each new day.  I pray the same for you." - Founder, Brittanie V. Thomas