What is Happily Better After? 

There is no one answer. It applies differently for everyone, as our experiences are vastly different.

THE NETWORK: Participants of this network represent various stages of growth and development within their individual journey; the will to progress commonly unites us.

THE AGENCY: As an agency, we specialize in transforming emergent businesses and post-secondary educational enterprises, with specialties in organizational management, experience-based programming, and culture relevancy training and programming.

Founder, Brittanie Thomas, uses the hub to pair organizational and educational expertise alongside her passion for music, art, and culture. Brittanie teaches and trains on how to partner their industry practice with their creative giftings, as a means to cultivating their personal creative niche within the existing and future workforce.

"My expression of creativity is forever impacted by the will to always be progressing, learning, and incorporating the things and people to who and which I am connected and inspired by. I am truly better and getting better with each new day.  I pray the same for you." - Founder, Brittanie Tea.