Two/Forty-Seven is a legacy family-home, owned and operated by the grandchildren of James (deceased) and Hattie Hargrove-Dredden.  The home was built and established in the early 1950's by the Hargrove Family, and has since experienced four generations to have lived in the home. 

In March 2018, the home went under transformation for conversion into an experience home for travel and local-town stays.  The unique experience, currently listed and featured on popular travel hosting site, Airbnb, will serve as a multi-purpose space for lodging, small tours, events, and more, as a creatively designed way to affordably expose families, who may otherwise not frequently travel.

A percentage of all bookings from the site directly benefits The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc., in efforts to continue revitalizing community homes for affordable family stays and creative experiences.

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