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Brittanie pairs an art-education lens to share on a range of topics, with primary interests in the following:

-Art Beyond Mere Entertainment: Using creativity more intently within industry and educational spaces

-Building Lasting Partnerships

-Creativity as Equity

-Creativity & The Bible

-Education as Wellness

-Engaging Creatives in the Workforce

-Framing Creatives as a Social-Identity Group

-Identifying Creatives in the Workforce

-Understanding Creatives in the Workforce

-Wellness for Adult-Learners in Collegiate and Industry Spaces

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Education Creatively Reapplied. Brains & Lyrics uniquely takes into account the diverse learning styles of traditional and adult-learners. The approach draws attention to the social-emotional challenges, often expressed through the safety of song lyrics and musical expression,.

Whether it’s a night out with close friends, tackling topics on love and relationships, campus programming that gracefully addresses topics surrounding mental and emotional wellness, or a professional development series to engage your staff or team, we creatively deliver insightful teaching conversations, using contemporary songs and lyrics as the primary vehicle for reflective, self-directed, theory-based learning.

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Student-staffing opportunities.

Do you have an upcoming event, project, or long-term assignment that you need quality staffing for? Support emerging student-creatives within our Creatives on Campus program.

Currently staffing in the following or related categories for 2019-2020 school year:

-Creative services

-Educational programming

-Wellness experiences

Email for inquiries regarding paid and non-paid opportunities.


Collaboration at the next level.

We are always looking for emerging, extraordinary talent to collaborate with. Have an idea on how to produce something impactful within education, industry, or culture?

Email us a short description of how you’d like to connect. We’ll let you know if it’s a good-fit.



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