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Music Entertainment Experiences with an Educational Twist. Brains and Lyrics uniquely integrates the practical lessons embedded within songs and their lyrical narratives, as a way to socially connect with diverse learners. Founder, Brittanie Thomas, weaves her personal story of resilience with her professional, educational, and creative interests to deliver this niche offering.

We show the value of music beyond mere entertainment. Whether it’s a girl’s night, tackling topics on love and relationships, K-12 or campus programming that gracefully addresses topics surrounding mental health, or a professional development series in the workplace, we creatively deliver insightful conversations, using contemporary songs and lyrics as the primary vehicle for reflective, self-directed, theory-based learning.


Bring in tHEARTist! Give your event, project, or team culture the creative upgrade it needs to go from average to unforgettable.

If your project or team could use a dose of fresh ideas, we’re full of them. We only have one question: HOW FRESH DO YOU WANT EM?

We offer free consultations to learn more about you, and to share how we can help enhance your short and long-term project needs. We go beyond average to deliver your project goals in ways that will maintain engagement, provoke feedback, and exceed your desired outcomes.

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  • Personal Branding Creatively Reimagined: This talk will guide participants into a reflective practice of their unique identifiers and personality traits, and how such traits can translate into the development of a believable brand. We will use creative marketing strategies to engage how to set apart or begin the path to developing your your own brand.

  • Hope, Becoming, and Attainment: This talk will outline the three main pillars of Happily Better After (HBA): hope, becoming, and attainment. Hope is the stage that behavioral specialists consider contemplative. During this stage, individuals have a set awareness for the need to change, although lack the motivation and will to follow-through. Becoming is a stage that is preparatory and action-driven. Individuals have the intent to progress and have begun taking observable action to do so. Attainment is the stage of change that involves maintenance (offered in varying ways; support groups, communities, affirmations, etc.) to keep individuals from entering into a relapse phase, having to start the change process over. This session will inspire those who represent each phase, inspiring them to continue progressing, as progress trumps perfection, and ultimately produces transformational results.

  • No Longer Standing By: This session is designed for individuals with close friends or loved ones who they know are severely suffering (toxic relationships, self-harm, abuse of substance, mental wellness, etc), but are unsure how to approach them and maintain a respectful and loving relationship of accountability. The information presented will cause attendees to leave empowered to approach their loved ones, using creative and unmistakable, compassion-rooted techniques.