Creatives on Campus is a mentorship and lifestyle brand for rising student-creatives. OUR MISSION is to foster creative community among leading high-school and college students around the nation. OUR VISION is to cultivate well-rounded, pioneering innovators into the future workforce.

 Happily Better After, 2018

Happily Better After, 2018

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We are a faith-based collective, meaning we boldly profess our belief in Jesus Christ. To maintain this foundation, we intend to use scriptural context as inspiration for all event programming, strategy, and design execution. While we aim to raise up Kingdom-leaders, we not only embrace, but strongly encourage students from all backgrounds to consider our programming initiatives.

What We Say to Parents Who Won’t Support an Arts Degree Based on a “Foggy” Return on Investment.


We use this opportunity to share with students how they may consider integrating their creative passion into standard workforce roles, such as medicine, education, engineering, business, and more. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the future workforce here, so there’s really nothing off-limits when it comes to how students can integrate their creative and educational interests to produce witty inventions that will impact new and existing industries; our Millennials Creatively Engaged crew is the proof!

PROGRAM LEADERS: M.C.E. (and no, we’re not talking man crushes)

  Millennials Creatively Engaged, BSM (beyond social media). #credentialsthatmatter

Millennials Creatively Engaged, BSM (beyond social media). #credentialsthatmatter

Millennials Creatively Engaged, BSM (beyond social media) is a growing network of visionary brand leaders that have united and pledged a commitment to ensuring the future of their local-area youth. While not all members hold actual college degrees, all leaders embody #credentialsthatwork well beyond social media. Members of this network are nationally represented across various professional and creative industries.


College Tour for High-School Student-Creatives - LAUNCHING IN SOUTH JERSEY/PHILADELPHIA!


Not your average college tour…

Creatives on Campus takes students beyond a traditional college tour experience and into the local, creative spaces of their city. Students take part in uniquely curated experiences, designed exclusively by Millennials Creatively Engaged, BSM!

a sneak peek of just some of what’s in store.


and we promise that’s just the start!





Nominations are now being accepted for student-creatives in grades 10-12. Nominate a student you know (or yourself) for the opportunity to participate in a series of in-person events, online resources, mentorship, college prep consulting, internships, and more. All eligible nominees will have the opportunity to participate in various programming initiatives, however only 12 students from each city will be selected for the 2019 Creatives on Campus College Tour Experience.

Eligibility: Student must be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior by January 1, 2019 to be eligible to participate. Student must demonstrate an interest in the arts, either as an intended program of study, or as based on extra-curricular involvement. Student must demonstrate leadership among their peers, or within their family, school or community. SELF-NOMINATIONS ENCOURAGED.

“Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!” - Unknown

There is something very special to be said about someone willing to serve another’s vision. When it comes to our youth, they are the responsibility of us all. If you’re interested in learning about volunteer opportunities in your city, connect with us!


Our official partners are the real MVP’s of the Creatives on Campus brand! They understand that creatives need space to create, and that such space becomes a board room for future workforce roles, ideas, and inventions. If you are interested in joining us as an official partner or sponsor click the link below or email us at


With your financial support, we will continue to grow our scholarship fund.

Scholarship awards are first awarded to students who are selected and eligible to participate in the college tour experience, but unable to financially afford the 3-night, 4-day trip.

Additionally, scholarships are awarded to students who have maintained good-standing throughout the duration of the fellowship program. Priority funding will be awarded to undergraduate students with financial-need, less all institutional scholarships and federal and state grants. Our goal is for student participants to graduate with minimal federal and private student loan debt. Will you help us achieve this goal?