Brittanie's personal journey has embedded a high degree of compassion for students and issues of student wellness, leading to a career pursuit within higher education.  Upon graduation in 2010, she would gain her first counselor role at a Baltimore, MD HBCU, as well as begin the journey to complete her next level of education, obtaining dual degrees: Master of Science in Higher Education & Master of Art in Management, as well as a graduate certificate in Organizational Leadership.  

In addition to her educator role, Brittanie is also a singer, writer, and composer. She released her debut album, Two Chords and Pen, independently in 2013 with the help of producer, Joshua Lay (Left Brain Productions, ASCAP). 

Her current music series, Brains and Lyrics, brings relatable song lyrics, melodies, and overall moods to a conversational platform with all people in mind, but with an especial appeal to the millennial (Gen-Y) and post-millennial (Gen-Z) generations. The space offers Brittanie practice in conducting in-action research, a necessary component of her current doctoral program, through the integration of contemporary songs, alongside insightful, teaching conversations. 

Brittanie currently attends Rowan University as a student in the Ed.D. in the Educational Leadership program. She is studying with the intent of growing her private firm as a creative practitioner, presenting innovative ways that art can and should be used within the instructional learning process.  She believes this approach will revolutionize learning for all students, as well as deliver more meaningful student engagement experiences.  

Most of all, Brittanie is a follower of Jesus Christ and advocate for men and women committed to living progressive, fulfilling lives. 

I Corinthians 9:19-23.